A Seagull of Dream

Artist Name(s): Kim Hyun Jung / 김현정
Title: A Seagull of Dream
Release Date: 1999.Feb.23
Language: Korean

Container & General Information
Format: MPEG Audio
Audio Stream: MPEG Audio (Version 1) (Layer 3)
Bit Rate: 128 kbps
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Combined File Size: 41.12 MB
Combined Duration: 44:54

Track Listing

  1. 되돌아온 이별
  2. 자유선언
  3. 훈련소 앞에서
  4. 실루엣
  5. 몽중인
  6. 7일간의 이별
  7. 한번 웃어봐
  8. 러브게임
  9. 늦은거야
  10. Before and After
  11. A Seagull of Dream


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