6 thoughts on “Emergency”

  1. hey hey sorry to bug you again … would you have the original of *this* one by any chance ? ^_^

    thanks a trillion =)

      1. hhahaha me and my crazy luck. right after we chatted i literally found these 3 this evening !!

        I just PM’ed you the 3 files we’ve been chatting about :

        Koyote – Emergency / Bi Sang
        Koyote – Paran
        Turtles – Come on

        Instructions are in the PM message … enjoy =)

  2. oh cool thanks =) and happy new year =)

    ps : due to some fortunate circumstances over the new year, I’ve managed to extract like 49 high-res original master copies from m.n.e.t’s website (like 45-80MB each song in MPEG4).

    If you’re interested I’ll drop them into a folder in Google Drive for you =)

  3. ps : for this particular song, i’ve managed to use various copies I’ve found plus some video editing to essentially back-create what the master copy of this MV would’ve looked like. I can send it to you in the same Google Drive folder.

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