Road Fighter


Artist Name(s): Sechs Kies / 젝스키스
Product Title: Road Fighter
Release Date: 1998.07.15
Label: DSP Media
Language: Korean

File Information

Combined Length: 00:57:06
Bit Rate: 128kbps
Purchase: Unavailable at YesAsia

Track Listing

  1. 테크노 폴리스
  2. Road Fighter
  3. 무모한 사랑
  4. Chance (지금이야)
  5. 절대자 (Fake G’s)
  6. Crying Game
  7. 天上飛愛 (Flying Love)
  8. 약속된 운명 (아마게돈)
  9. Come To Me Baby
  10. 7전8기7
  11. Run Away
  12. 여우사냥
  13. SAY
  14. Last
  15. 그날까지 (Together Forever)

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