Story – Orange Girl


Artist Name(s): LUV / 러브
Album Title: Story – Orange Girl
Release Date: 2002.05.31
Label: Yejeon Media
Language: Korean

File Information

Combined Length: 00:44:20
Bit Rate: 192 kbps
Purchase: Unavailable at YesAsia

Track Listing

  1. Luv Theme
  2. I Still Believe In You
  3. Orange Girl
  4. 이뻐졌음 좋겠어요 (Beautiful Girl)
  5. Bye Bye
  6. Blue
  7. Little Baby
  8. Down Down Down
  9. 약속 (Promise)
  10. All Right
  11. Tears
  12. For U
  13. I Still Believe In You (Remix Version)
  14. Luv Story

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