Artist Name(s): Daisy / 데이지
Album/Single Title: Alone
Release Date: 2001.04.12
Label: Cream Entertainment
Language: Korean

File Information

Combined Length: 00:50:05
Bit Rate: 128 kbps
Purchase: Unavailable at YesAsia

Track Listing

  1. Damage
  2. Renewal
  3. 이젠
  4. Alone (나야)
  5. Boy Stop
  6. Don’t Forget You & Me (언제나 널)
  7. My Dry Mind
  8. E-Mail
  9. 제발
  10. Don’t Go Away
  11. 천사의 눈물
  12. Boy Stop (Remix)
  13. Alone (나야) (MR)

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