Live In Hip Hop


Artist Name(s): O-24 / 오투포
Album/Single Title: Live In Hip Hop
Release Date: 1999.02.01
Label: Cream
Language: Korean

File Information

Combined Length: 00:38:04
Bit Rate: 128 kbps
Purchase: Unavailable at YesAsia

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. 뒤집어 (자유) (Original Ver.)
  3. 소외 (疏外)
  4. 인연 (끈)
  5. 빠졌어 (Oh, Yeh)
  6. 첫사랑
  7. 늑대 꼬리
  8. 천사의 외침 (School Gang)
  9. 소녀의 기도
  10. 몰라 몰라
  11. 자유 (Remix)

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3 thoughts on “Live In Hip Hop”

  1. Hi, i’m really like your website, i’ve been found alot of rare K-Pop old school songs a long time ago, i don’t know if i can asked or not but, do you have any links to download O-24 “Growing Up” album? I’m used to be their fan since 1998 so i need to searching more, i’d be appreciate it if you have it, thank you!

    1. Hello! I’m pretty sure I have it, but need to check my desktop catalog. I’ll reply back here to confirm before posting it. =)

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