Artist Name(s): Lee Hyori / 이효리
Album Title: Stylish…E
Release Date: 2003.08.13
Label: DSP
Language: Korean

File Information

Combined Length: 00:54:59
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Purchase: Unavailable at YesAsia

Track Listing

  1. Prologue (Drum & Bass)
  2. one two three n’ four
  3. 바보처럼 (Sadness)
  4. 10 Minutes
  5. 얼음
  6. 이브, 낙원에 잠들다
  7. Remember Me
  8. 오늘따라
  9. Do We
  10. Hey Girl
  11. 지워버려
  12. 어느 째즈바
  13. Only One
  14. 미안해요 (Ghost)

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